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Egor Ivanych

Egor Ivanych – is a unique baby food on Russian market, produced strictly in accordance with (GOST – State Standard, Russian National Standard). Our fruit and vegetable purees are guaranteed to be of high-quality, as it contains no GMO, preservatives, food coloring, soy or other hazardous for children components. We are positive that our infant food is a reliable product, so we always put an accurate on-pack information with practical composition on it.
Wholesome fruits and vegetables, tender meat, yummy deserts and juices make «Egor Ivanych» baby food a healthy chose for young mothers. Our special pride is purees with cream and curd, which will work great for a picky eater baby. We also wish for our brand to be appealing for all taste preferences. We keep on expanding our brand assortment: fish puree is going to be presented on Russian market very soon.


We are always looking for a better raw material and in that matter, halal meat is definitely worth mentioning. Halal is an international trend, well know in CIS countries and abroad. As soon as we noticed halal products increasing popularity, we decided to launch a brand new trade mark «habibi». «habibi» brand went from Morocco to Russia and CIS countries, giving our clients a chance to form an opinion about halal trend.
«habibi» – made of 100% halal raw, is manufactured in a private factory. «habibi» purees were thoroughly tested and proved by The international Halal centre to be a high quality product with no GMO, chemical preserving agents, coloring agents, flavor enhancers. Quality of the product was also verified by certificates from countries of Traffic Union. Each consignment is producing under control of an accredited specialist.