When it comes to working with private label, we pay as much attention to its production as to our own. There is never any difference between food manufactured under our brand name or under anybody else’s name. Raw materials are always of high quality and tests are accomplished accordingly. Therefore, if you ever need us to help you launch your products to the market, we would be there for you. Starting your own productions is always tied with huge expenses; our services will cut these expenses. With services we provide one doesn’t have to rent or buy equipment, raw materials, deal with production process, specifications or completion of necessary documents.
Our clients are also free to create special taste and form of their product. You may choose from tastes we have in our catalog, for instance, purees from pumpkin or apple, or you may «cook» a very special treat, adding or removing ingredients. These can be fruit, vegetable, meat, and fish purees, juices or infant food with curd and cream. We always welcome new ideas in recipes.

Our manufacture is situated in Dmitrovsky district (Moscow region), which is a nice area far from industrial facilities. We dispose equipment developed exclusively for baby food production. With this equipment we can go through all steps of production from preparing raw and packing materials to controlling leak resistance of the packaging.

Our advantages are:
• own manufacture
• contracts with reliable providers
• complete production cycle on turn-key terms
• production in small lots is also possible
• team of experts with many years’ experience
• possible cooperation between marketing, design, certification developments (negotiated)

We guarantee:
• long-term partnership on mutually beneficial terms
• reliability and sustainability
• total fulfillment of contractual obligations
• individual approach to each client
For more information, please feel free to contact us. We are always ready to cooperate and bring the most of our knowledge and skills to your business.