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«Open distribution company» was founded in 2013. Our team philosophy is based on common representation of healthy baby nutrition, as each member of our team is or will be a parent.
Like all good parents we want our children to be full of life and achieve success and without appropriate nutrition since early childhood it is almost impossible. With skill and competence we approach this very important and topical question of infant food.
We still remember this unrest of a young parent and all the pitfalls when in came to baby nutrition. Due to that our major aim is to help parents choose reliable infant food, to spare their time for communication with children.
Our company started with distributing imported dry infant milk mix for complementary food and complementary nutrition for breastfeeding mothers. But our customers’ reviews made us believe we could do more. In the end of 2016 our own infant food was launched, and now we have a factory, producing purees and juices for babies in Moscow and Moscow Region.

«Open distribution company» was the first one to notice promising and fast growing segment of halal products. Considering prospects of halal food we launched a brand new trademark «habibi», which offers halal products for the little ones. The international centre of Halal thoroughly tested «habibi» brand and now each halal product has a mark on it, proving its reliability. «habibi» brand utterly belongs to «Open distribution company».
In 2017 we launched a brand new trademark «Egor Ivanych», which we aim to carry forward to the leading positions on Russian and CIS markets. We feel sure of success, as «Egor Ivanych» infant food is produced strictly in accordance with (GOST – State Standard, Russian National Standard), which makes our product organic and wholesome. Trademark «Egor Ivanych» is owned by «Open distribution company». We also specialize in private labels manufacturing, such as «Auchan», «Vkusvill». Just like our own brands, privet labels get same quality of produced goods.

The amount of distributing facilities with «Open distribution company» products is constantly increasing. Also, we are going in for working with CIS countries and  far -abroad countries. High quality of our products allows company to tender for supply of food items for hospitals, kinder gardens, kitchens.
We plan to begin production of a totally innovative food, which is going to modify infant food segment. Our best specialists are working on this matter, applying all their effort, as we all have one thing in common – we want our baby food not to be just an option, we want it to be a solution. The solution for so many parents just entering this enthralling, yet frightening journey of parenthood.


«Strana Mum» – Social network

«Strana Mum» – Social network
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