1. Quality and Safety Policies
1.1 Major priorities are quality and safety of company’s production. We devote attention to it, as our consumers, children, are the most exacting of all
1.2 Consumers, purchasing our products can be sure, on-pack information completely matches actual composition of all products
1.3 We do not need to cheapen our production, therefore, we do not use starch or flour in fruit or vegetable purees
1.4 In case spoilage is detected in production the whole consignment is paused and not taken on the market until investigation is finished
1.5 Due to company’s standing order «Warranty claim management, return and demand of goods», in critical situation products can be recalled in less than 24 hours
1.6 Our production it totally transparent, which helps us, if there is a need, define unreliable materials and isolate them from production
1.7 We seek to develop innovative infant food
1.8 Our consumers will never find GMO in our products
1.9 We agree with WHO that breastfeeding is the healthiest nutrition for a baby

2. Procurement Policies
2.1 Raw materials purchase is made through reliable manufacturers in Russia and abroad
2.2 «Open distribution company» aims to increase share of domestically produced raw materials
2.3 In 2017 domestically produced raw materials had about 80% market share.
2.4 Only certified by the international halal centre meat is used to make halal products.
2.5 Company always fulfils obligations when purchasing on-order material
2.6 Our providers may count on timely payments for delivered materials
2.7 «Open distribution company» had never been sued or directed as respondents. We respect our honest relationships with partners and fulfill financial obligations

3. Client relationship Policies
3.1 We believe there are no small clients. Both large food multiples and small online shop will
receive same quality of services, working with «Open distribution company»
3.2 There are principles of openness towards partners and transparency of accounting.
3.3 We rarely work with distributers to make a way from production to customers shorter
3.4 Everything we produce has to be reliable, healthy and tasty, no matter if it is our brand name or a private label
3.5 One of our major priorities is our clients’ comfort. Due to that, we have a very flexible delivery, paying and ordering systems

4. Staff Employment Policies
4.1 Our main resource is our staff. Each employee is formally employed and works in accordance with Labor code of Russian Federation. Due to that each staff member has paid vacations, sick days, salary comes strictly twice a month
4.2 Each employee has an Eight-hour working day. Also, nobody overworks, as company respects a balance work and private life
4.3 We are eager to bring young mothers on board, company is even ready to negotiate flexible working hours for them. We respect women ready to combine work and family
4.4 Company sticks with principles of mutual respect and openness with colleagues. We would like our employees to stick same principle: it is forbidden to discuss a college while he\she is absent or to speed gossip
4.5 With certainty we claim that there is no any kind of discrimination in the company (on sex, age, race, religion, nationality). There are also no forced labor or child labor
4.6 An assessment of workplaces with respect to working conditions was held

5. Ecological policies
5.1 We recycle all applicable materials: paper, cardboard, shrink, stretch foil metal caps, wooden pallets
5.2 Company spends natural resources efficiently
5.3 We are moving to the electronic document management system in order to save paper and forests

6. Anti-corruption policies
6.1 Officials, civil servants or their relatives do not work in the company
6.2 Company had never paid for any sort of help or tradeoffs from government
6.3 There are no relatives of employees from private labels in the company
6.4 No bribes had ever been paid by our company, we sincerely believe, that any sort of partnership with counterparts should be due to the law
6.5 Company consciously had never hired a doctor. We are sure that doctor should recommend nutrition, additive, etc. only in accordance with an opinion of a medical community. Never should be represent medical recommendations of different providers

7. Information disclosure policies
7.1 Company doesn’t have connections with offshore structures
7.2 Ultimate beneficiaries are individuals – citizens of Russian Federations
8. Charity Organisations Policies
8.1 Company works with voluntary movement “Become a Santa Claus”. The organizations helps orphanages and rehabilitation centers for children (www.детские-дома.рф)
8.2 Company provides an office, a storage for humanitarian aid and presents, we also provide fee baby food for orphanages and rehabilitation centers. A few staff members are volunteers in this voluntary movement
8.3 Company is involved in organizing events, among them are Muslim holidays