domestic raw materials in the composition
without components harmful to the child's body
without sugar and flavorings
without starch and thickeners
Doesn't contain GMOs, preservatives, dyes, soy
Only natural flavors
There is always a real composition on the label
"Egor Ivanovich" is distinguished by its traditional approach to healthy complex nutrition.

The brand’s assortment contains all the necessary groups of products that should be present in the baby’s diet: healthy vegetables and fruits, tender meat, delicious desserts.

A special pride of "Egor Ivanovich" —

is puree with milk components: cream and cottage cheese, which will be a real help for mothers of little babies.

without starch and thickeners
does not contain GMOs, chemical preservatives
a pleasant consistency that kids like
first halal baby food in Russia and the CIS countries.
Halal is a global supertrend, because the benefits, quality, safety and taste do not have national or religious colors.
dyes, flavorings and flavor enhancers
100% halal raw materials

Each batch is produced under the supervision of an accredited expert

The quality and naturalness of the products are confirmed by certificates for the countries of the Customs Union and a halal certificate issued by the ICSiS "Halal" under the Council of Muftis of Russia.

"Habibi" is produced in its own production in the Moscow region

The history of the brand began in Morocco, where we first released halal baby food "habibi".
After some time, the geography of production became wider: partnerships were established with worthy suppliers of halal raw materials in Russia. This made it possible to start the production of baby food "habibi" in our country.

production and distribution of baby food
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