Company policy
Company policy
1. Policy on the quality and safety of manufactured products
1.1 The main priority of the company is the quality and safety of its products. We pay great attention to this, because we have the most demanding of consumers – children

1.2 Buyers who purchase our products can be sure that the composition of the puree fully corresponds to what is written on the label. We do not hide any components and indicate 100% full composition on the label

1.3 We do not use starch or flour to reduce the cost of vegetable or fruit purees

1.4 If a defect is detected during production, the entire batch is delayed and does not go on sale until the investigation is completed

1.5 The company has developed and implemented regulations of "Management of complaints, return and recall of products". According to the regulations, the period of withdrawal of goods from the market in critical cases does not exceed 24 hours

1.6 The company has implemented full traceability in the process of production and distribution of its products. This makes it possible to quickly identify the source of raw materials and supplies and immediately take measures to quarantine these components in critical cases. Also, traceability enables us to quickly withdraw a product batch from the market, which is being checked

1.7 We strive to develop innovative baby products

1.8 We do not use genetically modified raw materials in any product

1.9 We adhere to WHO recommendations on infant feeds and stand with the view that breast milk is the best nutrition for the baby
2. Policy on procurement of raw materials and supplies
2.1 Purchases of raw materials are carried out only from large proven manufacturers both in Russia and abroad

2.2 "Open Distribution Company" strives for an annual increase in the share of raw materials produced by domestic companies. As of 2017, about 80% of the components used in the production are produced by domestic companies

2.3 "Open Distribution Company" purchases 100% of materials in Russia from Russian manufacturers

2.4 For the production of halal products, meat is used exclusively with a certificate of conformity for each delivered batch issued by the ICSC "Halal" under the Council of Muftis of Russia. The company does not recognize other certification systems for halal products

2.5 The Company always fulfills its obligations to purchase ordered/pre-ordered raw materials/supplies

2.6 Our suppliers can always count on payment for the supplied raw materials and supplies

2.7 During all times of operation of the "Open Distribution Company", it has never been in a position of defendant in court sessions. This, in fact, confirms our correct attitude towards our partners and fulfillment of our financial obligations
3. Customer Relations Policy
3.1 There are no small buyers for us. Both large networks and a small online stores can count on the same level of service when working with "Open Distribution Company"

3.2 The company has principles of openness towards partners, transparency of settlements

3.3 The Company strives to work directly with retail chains and only rarely cooperates with distributors. This is done in order to provide a shorter way from production to consumer and maintain favorable prices for our products

3.4 The Company does not distinguish between the quality of goods that are produced under the trademarks belonging to the "Open Distribution Company" and under Private Labels of external customers. Every product that is manufactured on our production lines must be of high quality, safe and comply with legal requirements

3.5 The priority issue for us was and remains the comfort and ease of customers when working with our company. Hence, there is a flexible system in terms of product delivery, minimum orders, payment terms, additional labeling of products and registration of additional required documents
4. HR policy
4.1 The most valuable asset of the company is its team of experts

4.2 All employees of the company are registered and work in compliance with the requirements of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, including paid and sick leave. Wages are paid twice a month.

4.3 The Company forms the staff in such a way that each employee can perform his/her duties within an 8-hour working day, and that he/she does not have to overstay at work. The company respects the balance between work and personal life of employees

4.4 We are happy to attract young mothers to work and are ready to agree with them a special schedule that will allow combining motherhood and active work life

4.5 The Company adheres to the principles of respect and openness in relations with the staff and requires compliance with the same principles from employees in their communication with colleagues. It is forbidden to discuss the work of colleagues in their absence

4.6 The Company confirms that there is no discrimination whatsoever (by gender, age, race, religion, nationality), there is no forced labor, no child labor is used

4.7 A special assessment of the working conditions of all workplaces was carried out in the "Open Distribution Company".
5. Environmental policy
5.1 We do not utilize, but recycle all materials that are suitable for this: paper and cardboard, cullet, shrink and stretch film, metal covers, wooden pallet scraps

5.2 The Company strives for energy efficiency and economical use of natural resources

5.3 We strive to switch to electronic document management with customers in order to save paper and have a careful attitude to nature
6. Anti-corruption policy
6.1 The company does not employ state officials and civil servants, nor their close relatives

6.2 The Company has never paid and does not pay bribes for any kind of assistance and concessions from government agencies

6.3 Relatives of retail chain staff do not work in the company

6.4 The Company has never paid and does not pay bribes for entrance to retail chains. We consider that cooperation with any counterparty should take place exclusively in the legal field

6.5 "Open Distribution Company" does not pay bribes for preferences in the field of public procurement

6.6 The Company consciously does not hire medical representatives, because it considers that communication with doctors and pharmacists outside of medical exhibitions / conferences / symposiums leads to distortion of medical recommendations. In our opinion, a doctor recommending a particular food, supplement or drug should rely solely on the opinion of the scientific community and his experience, but not on the recommendations of medical representatives of various suppliers
7. Information Disclosure Policy
7.1 The company has no connection with offshore structures

7.2 The ultimate beneficiaries are individuals — citizens of the Russian Federation
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